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WINTER Bliss Gift set

$57.00 Regular Price
$49.02Sale Price
  • As the trees let go of their fall dress, share the "letting go" and indulge yourself with a beautiful Indu Experience in this seasonal gift set.

    Light up your Indu body butter lotion candle and enjoy its glow as you dip into a warm bath with Indu Moon Dust. Add a little bit or a lot of the Indu Moon Dust. The dust will infuse your tub with natural oils and butters to hydrate your skin while releasing a relaxing aromatherapeutic scent to help ease your muscles. Also included is a dram of our  Synergy oil with a beautiful silver moon mini diffuser to create your own home bliss

    CLOSE YOUR EYES, SOAK IT UP, BREATHE  and let the tensions of the day melt away. . . 

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