Clean & Safe Gift Set

  • Back to school online or offline?!?

    Back in the office?

    Indu has you covered with the CLEAN AND SAFE GIFT-SET:

    One 2 oz. Natural Hand Sanitizer with 70% alcohol, infused with the calming, sweet scent of Indu, will keep you clean when soap is not around.

    This set also includes a 1 oz. bottle of our luxurious Indu hand and body wash soap. The perfect size you can pop in your pocket or your purse.

    This practical collection also has a 2 oz. Indu lotion to keep your dry hands moisturized after all the washing & sanitizing!


    A white cotton 3-ply washable face mask!! AND if we can get it together it’ll have the cute, little Indu logo on it!

    *INDU TIP*-To elevate your day with the transcendent scent of Indu , spray a spritz of the hand sanitizer onto the mask. Let the alcohol evaporate, then put the mask back on and enjoy the Ommmazing aromatherapy properties of the 11 essential oils in Indu!