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Lye (NaOH), Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Indu Synergy Oil, Mica Power (muscovite)


Indu Olive & Coconut Oil Bar Soap

  • Every time I use this soap, my body smiles.
    It’s so soft, healing and luxurious. Every inch of skin on your body will be happy after using it. Enjoy it as a hand soap, face soap or all over body soap.

    Our Olive & Coconut Oil Soap is just like every Indu creation. The beautiful 3oz, hand made, cold processed soap is mantra mixed and infused with pure Indu Synergy oil. It will leave your skin soft, mousturized and blissfuly glowing with nourishing ingredients & inspiring intentions.

    Size and shape may vary.


    Always 100% Natural & Vegan.

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