Bring the Indu SPA treatment home with this bath and beyond gift set. 

Create a luxurious and relaxing bubble bath with Indu Pearlescent Body Wash or watch the effervescence of the Moon Drops infuse the your bath water with hydrating oils for your skin and the sweet scent of Indu to relax you. The Indu Body Butter Spa Candle will illuminate your space and the ommmmazing butters will melt into a warm oil

that will quench your skin and leave a blissful Indu scent for you to enjoy for hours.  


What is in it?

  • 8oz Pearlescent Shower Gel Soap
  • 3 small Classic Indu Moon Drops
  • 1oz Body/Pillow/Room Spray
  • .02oz Synergy Oil
  • 3.5oz Body Butter Lotion Candle
  • AromaBreeze Diffuser (covers 100 Sq Ft)

Moon Light Drip Giftset

  • 8oz Soap, 3 small Classic Indu Moon Drop

    1oz Body/Pillow/Room Spray, .02oz Synergy Oil and 3.5oz Body Butter Lotion Candle, AromaBreeze Diffuser